Filming Internship In Battambang Province | MinorACT

After the summer break I decided to continue the internship and also I was qualified to. This time the internship gets more serious because we started to write our own story, make our own music, and shoot our own film. The first two weeks or so we worked on writing, there were many exercises that helped to prepare us for the script of our final story.

The two characteristics that we value most in this internship are love and loyalty, so we based our story on them. At first it was challenging to write the story but as the time progresses the story developed itself. In between the writing process and filming I had to pause sometimes just to work on the music for our film. To me, it was extremely challenging to sing in front of a music expert. I had so many memories in the recording studio. The first time I worked with them, I shared a personal piece I wrote myself. We all started crying so since that first day I felt close to them.

Once we are somewhat done (having a rough first draft) with the script we started to film. The first day of filming we filmed the first and last scene.  

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