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SAIMUN MMXVIII (2018) is a model united nations conference that took place in Saigon, Vietnam from the 30th of March to the 1st of April. This conference hosted different schools from Vietnam and Cambodia. Liger was a part of it. Liger has selected nine students to become a delegate in order to participate in the conference. I was chosen and decided to choose to represent Germany.

Representing Germany in the Human Rights Council was a pleasure. I was able to represent a country that stands in a positive position involving human rights. The topics that we debated on was: measures to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh, addressing equality and legal rights for the LGTBQ community, ensuring access to education for people with disabilities, ensuring human rights for migrant workers in the Middle East.

At the conference, I teamed up with six other delegates in order to come up with a reasonable resolution to be debated on under the topic of addressing equality and legal rights for the LGTBQ community. I was little intimidated due to the fact that the majority of the delegates in the house has so much more experience than me, but I manage to play along and made point of informations, amendments and speeches. Here is our resolution

FORUM: Human Rights Council
QUESTION OF: Addressing equality and legal rights for the LGBTQ community
SUBMITTED BY: United Kingdom

CO-SUBMITTERS: Argentina Republic, The Federal Republic of Germany, India, Israel, New Zealand, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Swiss Confederation, The Federative Republic of Brazil, The kingdom of Thailang, United States of America


Realizing that 42% of people who are part of the LGBTQ community report are living in an unwelcoming environment,

Alarmed by the facts that one in five LGBTQ people have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the last 12 months,

Regretting that 72 countries criminalise same-sex relationships,

Bearing in mind that there are no existing free, universal hotlines for people to anonymously report injustice against the LGBTQ community,

Deeply concerned that most governments deny trans people the right to legally change their name and gender from those that were assigned to them at birth,

Deeply disturbed that a quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBTQ should be a crime and be penalised for,

Reaffirms that everyone has equal rights and freedoms to set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without discriminations regardless of their race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or other status:

  1. Encourages member states to eradicate stigmas and discrimination towards members of the LGBTQ community through various means, which will include issues such as but not limited to:
    1. employment,
      1. internships,
      2. equal opportunities,
    2. the right to healthcare,
    3. the right to education,
    4. the right to be involved in government and governmental decisions,
    5. taking all necessary measures to discourage or prohibit prejudicial treatment of LGBTQ people on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identification;
  2. Urges respective nations to implement laws and regulations which treats discriminatory acts and bias-motivated crimes towards the LGBTQ community under regular laws for hate crimes;
  3. Calls upon respective nations to implement educational methods to reduce extremist and discriminatory views as well as discriminatory actions such as but not limited to:
    1. promoting the rights of the LGBTQ community through help of NGOs, human rights organisations and other respective groups to work with governments to result in outcomes such as but not limited to:
      1. implementing fundamental literary works, educational programs and       documentaries that reflects on the history of the LGBTQ community,
      2. Education upon matters regarding issues on sexual orientation, gender fluidity, the rights of the LGBTQ community and other methods deemed appropriate;
  4. incorporating the acceptance of the LGBTQ community into respective nations through ways such as but not limited to:
    1. curriculums implemented throughout school life with matters that become more comprehensive for each respective year group such as the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network),
    2. the addition of LGBTQ communities in respective sexual educational programs that currently do not have such mentions;
  5. Strongly urges member nations to repeal or amend legislation and laws which include matters such as but not limited to:
    1. the imprisonment of those who identify as members of the LGBTQ community,
    2. the death penalty,
    3. discriminatory age of consent,
    4. life imprisonment,
    5. regulations that legalize sexual conduct between people of same-sex or transgender individuals,
    6. the prosecution of people based solely upon their sexual orientation and gender  identification,
    7. unfair jurisdiction upon the matter of cohabitation;
  6. Further invites member states to strengthen the establishment of the promotion of false medical measures and reporting such as but not limited to:
    1. Conversion therapies,
    2. Unvalidated sources;
  7. Draws attention towards the introduction of awareness methods by member states to improve social and cultural standards as well as support the promotion of events, campaigns, or organizations – both national and international – that advocates eradicating negative ideologies about the LGBTQ community, through ways such as but not limited to:
    1. working together with supranational and non-governmental organisations to fund programs, organisations, or campaigns that acts towards the protection of LGBTQ+ communities,
    2. funding research about the effect of the portrayal of LGBTQ characters in the media in ways such as but not limited to,
      1. cartoons,
      2. posters,
      3. leaflets,
      4. newspapers,
      5. comic strips,
      6. daily sitcoms,
    3. creation of non-governmental organisations to sponsor anti-LGBTQ harassment and abuse campaigns on social media networks such as but not limited to:
      1. Instagram,
      2. Facebook,
      3. Twitter,
      4. Snapchat,
      5. any and all other respective sources,
    4. endorsing campaigns and programs that incorporate public figures and influential people to serve as role models for the youth,
    5. organizing events which fundraiser to tackle the main issue that is ignorance surrounding the rights of LGBTQ communities in privileged areas, in ways such as but not limited to:
      1. concerts by famous celebrities surrounding the theme of protection of the rights of the LGBTQ community;
      2. marathons held with the theme surrounding raising awareness for the rights and issues faced by the LGBTQ community,
      3. public gatherings such as marches and riots to promote the rights of LGBTQ people;
  8. Endorses member nations to support the ease in transition of transgender individuals through ways such as but not limited to:
    1. ensuring that all clinics which include such measures are checked upon regularly to maintain it’s standards regarding matters such as:
      1. Safety,
      2. Hygiene,
      3. Professionality: degrees and certificates to be provided by working staff,
    2. setting up clinics solely for people wanting to switch their gender,
    3. establishing legal firms specializing in accessible legal documentation of identity;
  9. Recommends member nations to allow same sex couples to acquire children more efficiently through ways such as but not limited to:
    1. enforce laws in which adoption agencies and surrogacy agencies are required to serve both homosexual and heterosexual couples without discrimination,
    2. provide funds to hospitals specifically for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),
    3. promote sperm banks to donate sperms to both homosexual and heterosexual couples;
  10. Further requests member nations to help in establishing universal forums for individuals of the LGBTQ community through anonymity in ways such a but not limited to;
    1. publicize the presence of various hotlines, forums and blogs which speaks upon the matter of discriminatory acts upon the LGBTQ community such as but not limited to:
      1. The Trevor project,
      2. Fenway Health Helpline,
    2. The creation of a free, universal hotline to report any discriminatory act either witnessed or condoned regarding one’s sexuality.

At the end of the day, I gain so much experience. SAIMUN MMXVIII is personally the best MUN experience I’ve ever had yet. I will definitely continue my MUN journey in more conferences because I love to debate and one day I would also love to become a representative to be a part of the real UN.



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