BMC Startup Accelerator Competition

BMC Startup Accelerator an entrepreneurship competition where students from different universities in Cambodia submit their unique business proposals in order to win funds for their business. Down below is the level of the competition.

Semi-Finals: BMC Cambodia (Saturday, January 27, 2018)

Finals: BMC Cambodia (Sunday, February 4, 2018)

Mekong Challenge (Bhutan) (March 17, 2018)

IBMC Competition (U.S) (May 10, 2018)

This year’s competition the creator has opened up an opportunity for the Liger students to form teams and submit business ideas. Souyeth, Samnang and I submitted a business idea along with three other Liger teams. As a result, we got selected to continue this competition. Our business idea is under the category of technology because we want to create a platform that brings tourists who are looking for food around Cambodia to experience the real Cambodian food that is freshly cooked. It’s an opportunity for Cambodians to earn extra income during their free time or for those who want to find money but couldn’t leave their homes because they need to take care of family members or other reasons. The cooks, most likely to be Cambodians, gets to experience being around new people, learn about them, practice their culinary skills but also make money. For the customers, most likely to be a foreigner, will get to understand more about Khmer cultures, eat Khmer authentic meals and have a great time. Of course, restaurants would be our competitors but we believe that our application will provide a lifetime experience to both the local cooks and customers. Within the platform that we are creating, the local people will submit meals (and ingredients) that they are willing to cook. On the other hand, foreigners can look through the provinces, houses, dates, and locations. If the foreigners are interested, they will send us the money through credit card. We will send 90% of the money to the local families through Wing because it is one of the most convenient money transfer and payment services in Cambodia. WeLocal, Travel Global and Eat Local. We’ve submitted this idea and made it to the semi-final. Fun fact: we’re the only high school team that is selected for the semi-final! Here is a video summary  WeLocal Youtube Video of our business.


  • NUM University

  In order to continue the competition, Souyeth and I have joined two of their workshops. The first workshop, which was held on Saturday, the 9th was an informative workshop. On Saturday the 16th, Souyeth friend and I again participated the workshop in order to learn further more about the competition.

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