How People “Act Like a Man” or “Act Like a Lady” – Gender Article


WikiHow teaches us “how to be a lady” and “how to act like a man” with explicit steps. By the look of it, this is CLEARLY the only way.

Man is “an adult male with masculine characteristics that involve action.” Ladies are those who contain “ladylike behavior that is undying: elegance, Continue reading “How People “Act Like a Man” or “Act Like a Lady” – Gender Article”

TEDxISPP 2017 – Creating a Hopeful Future for LGBTQ+

LGBTQ+ has been a controversial topic worldwide ever since the last century until today. People are scared to accept their true identify and being honest with themselves just because they’re scared of discriminations. In 2017, I took a risk. I challenged myself to talk about this controversial topic on the stage of TEDxISPP 2017 under the theme of ‘Creating a Hopeful Future’. My goal was (will always be) to spread the awareness and knowledge about people’s sexual orientation and that there are no limitations in how someone identify themselves.

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AP Statistics


AP Statistics is a college-level high school statistics course offered in the United States through the College Board’s Advanced Placement program1.  This year a group of Liger students (23 in total) is challenging themselves to take this college-level course with an intention of also taking the test for college credit. By taking this course I’ve definitely developed different methods to learn effectively independently since I spent a lot of time outside of school learning the math terms and concepts.