Kingdom Of Wow Talent Show – Band Performance

On Saturday, the 4th of June Liger students host a talent show that is called Kingdom Of Wow (KWOW). I am the staff that help backstage and set up microphones. I am also one of the performers, that perform as a band. When I saw other bands perform I was a bit nervous because they are much better than us in instruments. One chance that we have was because our song was original. I have four members in my team, Vornsar the piano player, Chhoeu the author of the song and guitar player and singing, Sopheak bass player and finally me the singer. As soon as I stood on the stage I felt shaking foot. I was so nervous, but then the people was cheering and that make me want to sing more and more. At the end my team, The Who is the champion of all the bands. I was in shocked. I just can’t believe that we did it.

KWOW Commercial



Robotics Exploration – Singapore FLL Competition

On Thursday, 3rd of March 2016 ten of Liger students including me went to Singapore for the FLL robotics competition. This is my third time to go to Singapore and my second time to attend in this competition. Even though I went there for many times but I never feel that I am tired of this beautiful country.

One amazing thing is that I ride on two planes (because there’s no direct plane in the morning), our first stop was in Malaysia then Singapore. I feel really lucky that I am in three different countries (Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia). That helps me to compare between different countries and how can I help Cambodia to be a developed country like others.

Our first day in Singapore is quite late at night and everyone spread out to go with their host family. Most of my friends go with a pair except me and another boy, Theara that went alone. Even though I am alone amongst ten students I still feel happy and warm because of the wonderful host family. They made me feel really warm and enjoy Singapore. I live in an Australian family which are, Kylie (the mom), Judy (grandma), Charley (the only kid in that family) and last is Dad (I didn’t remember his name). Their family is hilarious, everyone know their roles pretty well. One this that I love about this family is that they try a lot of things, they don’t really get time to rest or stay at home for long. This family is such a great model for me to make myself busy all the time.

The second day is where the competition start. On that day we present our project to the judges. On our presentation we were just talking about some facts about plastic in Cambodia and problems. Then we explained our solution of making an INFOMERCIAL and recycled project. The judges gave us five minutes to set up projector and speaker, then they gave us another five minutes to present everything. After our presentation end our judges asked us many questions.

After our presentation the judges lead us to practice our robot on the board. I fell a little threatened because there’s a little problem with our color sensor, so our robot doesn’t really work effectively. We also explain the judges our program. It was a bit complicated to explain the judges our program because a lot other teams that explain at the same time with different judges. It was a bit noisy. We got to spent the whole day in the practice section.

At the end of the day, my host family took me to their apartment. Charley and Judy were the one that pick me up.

The next morning every team comes together to the competition. On that morning I can feel the crowded around me. There are around 200 teams attempt in the competition. As observe the other’s robot’s program was quite simple, but because of their unique design that helps them. On the competition time, every team has three tries on the competition board. I went up there for two times with my team mate. It was very scary but very fun at the same time.

Our robot has a little problem because our parts and sensors are too old and the board is so bright that the color sensor couldn’t read. This happen to our robot for three years already.

After everything is done, the judges add up scores and announce the winner. My team got third place on creative solutions (Infomercial and recycle). I felt ok, but I think if I have more time I would do better job than that.

At the end of day everyone rush out to their own places. On that day Kylie and Charley came and pick me up. We stopped on the way to the sport competition. Charley always try thing new in her life. That was the day that she run to be the best she can be. It was a pretty great with this beautiful family. There’s a lot more things that I can’t even describe. It was really sad too because we that was the last day of me staying in their place.

  • At Singapore

In the morning I packed everything into my to purse and head to UWCSEA (United World College of South East Asia). It was really sad to leave my host family but I am hoping that one day I will visit them again. Until the evening we spent our time to walk around Singapore.

The next morning we also spent our time to explore more about Singapore. It was a whole new experience because I’ve never explore around Singapore with the HOP-ON-HOP-OFF bus before. It was amazing to get to know more about Singapore and the history of it. We went through some places like the Merlion, Marina Bay Sand, Chinatown and more.

The next (last) morning we were getting ready to say goodbye to Singapore. We again have to ride on two planes. I didn’t really want to come back but Cambodia is also a beautiful country!

PBL Exploration

Project-based learning (PBL) is in between December and February, that contain ten students. Our main aim is to pilot and collaborate with government high schools about PBL.

For Liger PBL is an experiential learning that mostly focusing on a project. We mostly take trips and not not taking the project from books. For different school PBL might means different things.

In class we were planning on visiting some high schools (grade 10, 11 and 12)to observe how different government high school and Liger.

On our first trip we visited Russey Keo High School and Chea Sim Chomreun Roth High School. I noticed that Russey Keo High School is a bit more open for use to collaborate with them. That is why we planned on going to their school next time.

When we arrived Liger we came up with two simple projects, Waste Management and Water Filter. Then we again went to Russey Keo High School to introduce these projects for them. They were really kind and open mind for us to accept the activities that we gave them. Even though we are much younger than them they really respect us.

On Friday, 12th February 2016 we visit them for the last time. We go back because we want to see the final product, we want to see how is it going with PBL with them. It is really important for to go back because we want to know if they can work on a project or not, so that if they have their own ideas they can.

This was one of the best experiences that I’ve had because I got to work with older people to change their knowledge of using PBL in their curriculum.

Ministry Event

On the 12th of January 2016, there are approximately 50 people comes from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and some high school principal came to Liger to join event. Our intention is to present to them about what Liger have done in the past few years and even today, now. I was presenting about Project-Based Learning, which Liger uses as the main curriculum to focus on. Project based learning is a teaching strategy to make students gain their knowledge and skill by working in a period of time and to involved in complicated question problem or challenge. Basically our team tried to give some ideas of simple projects that cover Project-Based Learning to the government high school. I presented with one of my teammates, Samnang. Our project is about Community Problems/Solutions, in this project students have to raise up a problem in their community and try to find easy and effective solutions to the problems. Click hereto visit our presentation

Hidden Voices

This is the exploration that I was in for the first time of 2015. This exploration is called Hidden Voices. Our goal is to save some of the endangered Cambodia old songs and put it in the podcast. In order to reach our goal, we went on many trips to interview elders from many different places around Cambodia. On our first day of the trip, we went to a place in Phnom Penh. When we first walk in the room we saw her wall full of Khmer old singers. Before this woman was a simple butcher, but then she gets abscess with Khmer old music so she enters a competition in Apsara TV. After she got a reward of first place from the competition she started to make her old business of teaching people how to sing. One thing that inspire me is that she sometimes teach people for free. After that, we went straight to Kompong Spue where we interview many elders from a community. This one man that we interviewed said something that I love to interview and helping people about something is that he thanks to us that we interview him. This is a really great opportunity for him to remember the lyrics of the song that he had never sung before. He added that usually he can only whisper but as soon as we interview he started to remember all the words to the song. Then we went on to interview many other elders. After that, we went to Mondulkiri to meet the minority of Cambodia. They were really talented, especially the oldest man in the community. His voice was really unique and beautiful.


After collecting all of the information, we start to write the script to our podcast. My role in the podcast is the host. I hosted with one other member of our team, his name his Venghour. It was really fun working with Venghour.

Venghour and I record our voice for the podcast.

I would like to thanks to Rich (introducer to podcast and teach us to edit video), Sophorn (the founder of this exploration), Trish (singer teacher), Belinda (record videos of all our activities) and many other people from our trip for making this happening.

Check out our podcast

Introducing Segment

Village Elders

Minorities of Cambodia

Singing Star part 1

Singing Star Part 2

Conclusion and Credits

Changing Cambodia

Over the time that I am at Liger I think I am in a process of changing Cambodia a lot. As in the new Liger video, I said, “Changing Cambodia is not easy things to do but if you try little by little you will success” so I think I am along with it. Some things that I’ve done to help Cambodia is about plastic. I went to BBK market to interview people about their use of plastic and explain them to use other bags. Some people take our advice to use natural bags and recycle bags but some doesn’t. I was so proud of myself over this year.

  • The members of our group

One other thing that I did to change Cambodia is that I wrote a book that is called An Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia. In this exploration, we went on many trips to visit and ask some questions to conservation expert so our information is accurate.

  • learn about bear's skull

Tech Support Description

Exploration Name: Tech Support

Exploration Dates: August 13-Oct 3, 2014

Number of Students: 12

Description: Tech Support was the first Exploration of the second year. In Tech Support we learned about technology and helping other organizations, NGOs and Liger with their technology problems. On the first day Max, our facilitator taught us a little bit about the ideas that he made this Exploration. On the next day we started to learn more about technology. We learned about the parts of computers (hardware).

tech support

On the second week we had a trip to Singapore! Before that day we prepared our clothes in our backpacks. When we arrived at the airport our parents came to say goodbye to us. We were so sad but we were also happy. On the plane people were talking to each other, some people hurt their ears because it’s hard to hear up there in the sky. When we arrived in Singapore we had to wait for the checker to check our passports. After we finished the check step there was a big surprise for us because Robert (the former head of Liger) came and was waiting for us. He came and said hello to us, we were shocked. About 15 minutes later we went straight to UWCSEA South East Campus. We went there because we want to collaborate with them so we can help NGOs and organizations in Cambodia.

This is UWCSEA school’s kitchen


There were seven members that worked with us. The first day that we met them we played some games to know and get familiar with each other. Then we found out our host family that we were going to sleep with for two days. Our host families were so friendly and kind.

Playing games with them


We went there and learned with an IT expert more about the hardware of the computers.


Learn with an IT called Mingway



On the third day we camped in UWCSEA. Also we went to the science museum to learn and have fun. Sadly on Wednesday we had to leave Singapore. When we came back we went to two organizations to help them. One of them is Tiny Toons. They have problems with their computer. We took five computers to fix at Liger. Luckily we fixed two of them already! The other organization is Green Umbrella, and they have a problem with their website so we helped to fix it.

Tinytoons computers.

Liger TV Station Description

Name of Course: Liger TV Station

Learning Facilitator:  Sophorn

Number of Students: 12

Dates: May 15-June 17

Course Description: In our Exploration class we have learned about plastics and also we learned how to become TV reporters. We also had a lot of trips because we wanted to know more information about plastics. For example we went to BKKM (Boeung Keng Kong Market), City mall, Cintri and the Ministry of Environment. The reasons why we went on the trips were because we wanted to know how the people use the plastics each day. We wanted to compare which market uses a lot of plastics. When we went on the trip we also interviewed the sellers and the buyers about the plastics. The questions that we asked them were important for us and they also told us a lot of information that they knew. When we went to the Cintri we can know how they work. Cintri has one important idea like how to help the environment. They told us that if we wanted the people to follow us like they use less plastics it needs to start from you. Then when they see us do that they will do too. In class we also learned about plastics and we made the TV channel about plastic so other people can know how bad the plastics are and the problems to the environment and animals, when there are plastics a lot. So our group did the presentation to the people in the community that is near our school. Some people they nearly cry because they know about it and never hear the children can know a lot of information about plastics. When we were in class we divided it in the groups, some people wrote the reflection when we came back from the trip and put it in the blog and some people edited the video. Some time when we went to trip like go to BKKM we went with other groups that learn about plastics, so can share our ideas and some people they can get new ideas.




Physics Description

Name of Course: Physics

Learning Facilitator: Phearun

Number of Students: 6

Dates: March 30 – June 12

Meet: Monday and Tuesday

Course Description: Our group learned about Physics. When we began to learn Physics we started to learn about the meaning of Physics. First we just listened to the teacher and learned about the theory of Physics. Sometimes the teacher told the meaning of important words in class. Then we started to work and learn about the Earth science. When we began to learn about Earth science teacher told us how many planets in solar system. Then the teacher mailed to us one video that showed about the new planet. Then he told us to take notes about that video. When we finished learning about that new planet we started to learn about the gravity on Earth. Then he put the work for us to do. When we all knew and understood about it he taught us about the new topics are buoyancy and density of the water. He also told us about formula how to find out the work that he put for us. So now we just learn more about buoyancy.


Robotics Description

Name of Course: Robotics 2

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 12 students

Days we Meet: January 19 to March 27

Course Description: In this Advanced Enrichment we learned lots of programing the robot. To program our teacher told us to do what challenge that we can work on. There were five challenges that Max told us to work. The first three challenges Max wanted us to make our robots move in the square using three different sensors. Next he told us to have a competition to see which robot is the fastest and what strategies that they use. After we knew the result he made the last challenge for us. That challenge was called Dragon Challenge. If we did right all we will get 90 points but it is so hard. In that challenge there were fire, dragon, people that helped one person stuck in the dragon place. We had to knock down the dragons and fires but don’t knock down the people who were helping. If we knocked the people that help we will lose our points.